Motivation, Motivation, Motivation…

It’s that time of year… the first couple snow falls makes it truly feel like the holiday season, and everywhere I look there’s holiday treats to taste test (thank you, Whole Foods), presents to be bought, old friends to visit, smells of wintergreen and cinnamon (again, hats off to Whole Foods), eggnog, holiday brews, and wine to be drunk at parties, and of course the lack of sunlight after working hours.

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I’m supposed to find time to ride my bike. How about finding the motivation to ride my bike! Which brings me to my point: with holiday scheduling and temptation (whether it makes you feel fat and sleepy, or slightly intoxicated…and sleepy), it’s a tried feat to get into a training schedule once daylight savings time and the holidays kick in.

Next Sunday is a training time trial that TJ Platt (Gary Fisher 29er teammate and T.O.P. manager extraordinaire) is organizing… thanks, TJ. I’ve decided that this is going to mark my official training start for the ’08 season – temptation and lack of motivation aside. The point of the 6 mile TT is to establish what you should be training at – which includes your avg heartrate, wattage (if you’re using a PowerTap), time, speed, and more.

cycleopstechsupport.jpg Also, I believe motivation grows in numbers, so organizing rides is in order… the stationary kind. The idea is to get your friends and riding buddies together at someone’s house in the evening, hook our bikes up to the trainer, and ride together. Whether we ride at a conversational pace, watch a training video, or an all-out workout, we suffer together 🙂

For my own personal research purposes I’ll be using both an HR and PowerTap. We just got our new 2008 PowerTap demos in the stores that feature wireless SL hubs and bright, blingy gold rims!  It’s time to do some product testing!


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  1. Posted by Kim on December 15, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    Motivation?! We all need boosts Jess! I read something the other night… “there is no off-season”… this was a competitive statement, but overall, I think it fits for most of us. There is no “off season” when it comes to good health, good habits, and our own personal struggles to get & STAY there. Finding friends who share our active interests in healthy living are a big, big bonus. I concur… find people who are willing to share your struggles AND your victories! This forum is a great way to keep that motivation. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!


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