snow angels & bike tracks by mj

01-27-08-winter-ride.jpgBiking through the snow and especially during a snow fall is top on my list of favorites.  No cob webs, bugs, or poison ivy (evil devil plant!) and the same old trails are completely different and exciting under a beautiful winter blanket.  Since Ruth was out of commission (after a busted seat post Saturday at Hartwood Acres… a serious “near miss” by osha standards! 😉  I headed into Alameda on Sunday for a solo ride.  Not completely solo as I have my MP3 to keep me company.  Right from the start I was surprised at the amount of snow on the ground and loving it!  I may not make it as far as 01-27-08-icey-dip.jpgoriginally planned but I knew I’d have a fun time trying.   About an hour into my ride I opt to walk a short cut across a low section to get to my preferred trail ahead.  I make it through what I thought was the icey section and reroute myself back on trail and kurplunk!  Both feet immediately dunk into some crazy cold creek water.  (Note: water that temp freaking hurts on contact.  recommendation:  steer clear of it on all future rides.) My Lake boots protected my feet good, but the water came up over the tops and into my boots and soaked into my socks.. bummer!  After a minute or two of evaluating the soggy situation I knew I was okay and warm enough to keep going, but not without a few grumbles.   Props to my Lake boots and smart wool socks for getting my back.. err.. feet.  I continued on.  Couldnt make some of the steeper climbs with all the snow and laid my bike down a few times too.  Never actually landing or hit the ground myself tho… good deal.  At one point it started snowing again and I went to put my glasses back on.  They tend to come off at some point due to fogging or smearing up.  They are not on my collar… crap!  Not just any glasses, but my rudy’s with prescription lenses clipped inside them.  My freaking “white” framed rudy’s are lost in a winter wonderland.  Ugh.  I u-turn back and think of a few spots where they could have fallen.  With all the snow on the ground and little to zero traffic on the trails it was very easy to follow my tracks and see where I splattered my bike earlier in my route.  After about 10 minutes I approach a spot where I slid out and.. they were so there! 01-27-08-found-my-rudys.jpg Nice!  It was a Chistmas miracle!  In late January  🙂  Can you see them?  Its tougher than any where’s waldo book.  After a quick jig I gathered myself and things up and started my route back to the car.  Good times had by all… me! 🙂

Photos courtesy of my camera phone.  Thats about as high tech as I’m getting for now. 



2 responses to this post.

  1. Fun Fun Fun!


  2. Posted by Fran on February 12, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Now I know how to keep track of my wandering daughter !!!! You go girl !!


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