More Than Eye Candy (ooh la la!)

Everyone is on the 29er kick these days, and people are asking me about the bikes, the trend, and if it’s here to stay. For clarification, “29er” is bike slang for mountain bikes that have 29″ wheels, as opposed to traditional 26″ wheels found on mountain bikes. 29ers’ pros and cons were a little vague to me, so I felt the need to do some research and try one out for myself these past few months. After all, with a fleet of demo’s at my disposal, what was I waiting for?!

Let me preface my ride(s) with the hype that I’ve heard since getting back into the industry: PROS include “you can go over anything!”, “they’re awesome”, and “29ers are the new mountain bike”. CONS included “forget trying to ride in tight singletrack”, “anyone under 5’7″ can’t ride them”, and “they’re just a trend…”.

Well, here’s my write-up: my Gary Fisher Paragon rolled over any rock and every log pile without so much as a complaint. I was pleasently surprised how easily I could now climb over the log piles that I previously had to muscle over. With the new Fox fork on all new Gary Fishers, the bike handled like a nimble little hardtail. Finally, the whole myth that shorter women can’t ride 29ers is such garbage! My frame size didn’t change, and I know Tanya’s saving her pennies for a pretty blue 29er in the spring – stop by Cranberry and ask her about it! -Jessie


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  1. I too have fallen in love with the 29er. I test rode the hardtail Superfly and the HiFi Pro today at demo ride day and was completely blown away over how much I loved it. I wrote up my own review if you want to read about my experience. Let’s just say my pennies are being saved as well. Man, I loved that bike.


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