my first xc skiing (cross training) adventure by mj

02-16-08-mjs-skis.jpgWhile most people hang up their bikes and do other activities through the off season I have grown to appreciate and enjoy the winter months and maintain riding (almost exclusively) throughout the year.  However, with the extra snow (too much for a good trail ride) and the steady cold (pretty cold for road ride.. brrr!) I opted to switch it up and attempt my first cross country skiing experience this past Saturday.  My friend, Sharon, and I packed up and headed North to the Wilderness Lodge .  I couldnt have asked for a better day either!  The temps stayed cold enough for the snow to hang around, but the sunny weather kept us warm and comfortable throughout the day.  Luckily all of my biking gear worked out fine for my new sport since thats all the clothing I have for playing outside.  I managed about 3 02-16-08-awesome-xc-trail.jpghours of ski time before I called it a day.  Besides a blister starting to stir on my left heal (pooey!) I was definitely starting to tucker out, and most of all I feared how ticked off and uncooperative my body and muscles (lack there of) would become Sunday morning.  Sharon, being the hard core athlete I’ve always known her to be, stuck to her intended schedule and continued skiing for another 1.5 hours or so.  I was very content and happy to settle in at the lodge for some good food and atmosphere while she finished up.  A very relaxing and rare occasion in my life these days.  If you like endurance sports and are looking for something different to try out I recommend it!  A great work out and now 02-16-08-wilderness-lodge.jpgI’m itching to get back on the bike this weekend.  The short absence just makes my heart grow even fonder for my two wheeled friends.  And I’m happy to report I was able to function normally come Sunday… whew!  I definitely had some sore spots, but in that good way that gets me more motivated for training and the fast approaching race season!!



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