i LOVE my trek taos by mj

02-22-08-stork-me-winter-ride.jpgIts rare I “love” any of my bike clothing.  Sure I like some of it and have accepted wearing it so often, but its usually so darn snug, shows just about everything (never been a true fan of that!), and after hours of wear I usually cant get it off fast enough.  However, thanks to Santa (aka Travis) I am straight up lovin’ my new favorite Trek Womens Taos Cold Weather Jacket!  Besides it being the most comfortable jacket I’ve ever biked in its fairly thin for how warm it feels.  A terrific combination for any cold weather gear!  Then it has that awesomely located pocket on the upper chest for quick access to preffered items, but its main purpose is for your tunes with a slot inside so earphones and wires can sneak right up and out your collar.  That is a beautiful thing!  Since I started using a MP3 its rare that I can make it through an entire ride without having to fiddle with the wires or want to access the MP3 to change the song, adjust the volume, or shut it off (I still prefer some quiet time too).   Always having to feed the wires through or under my jersey, try tucking the MP3 in my camelbak, or any other attempts to safely tuck it away and have easy access can be a difficult task.  Not anymore!  I also tuck my cell phone in there.  I dont carry my phone to answer calls, but for the safety aspect, and I have started to use my phone for all my blog photos too.  So now I can pitstop,grabmyphone,snapapix,tuckitaway and be back riding in no time.  Nice!  Next time your shopping around for a cold weather jacket I recommend you check this one out. 🙂


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