daylight savings suffering by mj

03-09-08-thick-snow.jpgReports show it takes “weeks” for people to recover from the daylight savings hour lost each year.  Sad but true I guess, and I’m already feeling it.  Slept crappy last night (which rarely occurs for me these days), woke up late, and I’m seriously draggin’ this morning.  Bummer.  However, I’ll take the tough transition period to get those longer days, warmer weather, and more pedal time that come with it!  This weekend was my first true feelings of “I’m ready for Spring.”  Heavy and rain-like snow kept me indoors on Saturday, but I did manage to get out for a little on Sunday.  The roads felt pretty darn cold though, so I was determined to ride some trails.  Maybe not my best idea ever.  Mad amounts of thick stiff snow made track stands a cinch (but I was trying to move forward.. ugh!!), most climbs were impossible and flats and downhills felt like climbs.   No wonder I didnt see anyone out there. 03-09-08-solo-tracks.jpg After wrastlin’ with the white stuff so much I did shorten my ride home than my originally intended loop when I started feeling so tuckered out, but I was still very happy to get outside some (it was still beautiful and sunny, just no warmth came with it) and thats one less trainer ride for the books.  Good deal!


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