what do u think about when riding by mj

Normally I prefer to only think about the road or path ahead, but it was just one of those weekends where I was a little tired, a little unmotivated and I could not get in a zone for the life of me, so I pedal and think of alllll kinds of stuff…

Dislikes: poison ivy, loose dogs, motor vehicle exhaust, crunching on road grit, ear buds, mean people, catching bugs particularly on my face or in mouth, flat tires, chain suck, bonking, crazy strong spiderwebs across trails, booboos, snot rockets caught by my shoulder, the count down at the starting line, finding that spider from the web I crashed through an hour ago, thorns and nettles and ticks, oh my.

Likes: riding and racing with friends, leashed or fenced dogs, the rest of a race after they say go! and the adrenaline that comes with it, realizing that hill wasnt such a “hill” this time up, smooth shifting, bikesbikesbikes, graduating to the next log size, second winds, making that section of trail that hung me up every ride.. until today, friendly smiles and waves on trail and through the neighborhood, wildlife on trail, commuting by bike, good smells while riding like food cooking/grilling, laundry in the dryer, fresh clean air in the woods (ahhhh!!), crossing the finish line, charity bike rides, finding new trails, rides where I do zone out and for a short while I am only a mtb’r, finishing a ride or race exhausted and hurting all over and still smiling, all of my sweet biking memories and anticipating many more. Happy riding.. 🙂


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