trek 69er in full effect by mj!!

Bike, Spring and I were in perfect harmony last night as I (attempted to) chase Travis around our hometown trails.  Its been a few rides since I felt so absolutely great afterwards, enjoyed some beautiful weather, fairly dry trails, remembered to bring my legs, enjoyed some cute company and finished a weeknight ride in daylight! Oh yeah!!  As we started to pack up a guy approaching his car near by hollared over I’m jealous.  I smiled and happily replied you should be! 😉 

I have a short list of items to complete the transformation of new bike to my bike.  After a few rides I decided to swap out the sweep bar provided for my normal straight bar and bar ends set up.  My upper body is too accustomed to being able to stretch out that tiny bit more and hold onto those ends climbing.  I ordered a shorter 170mm crank, but decided to lighten it up a little too with the Bontrager Race X Lite GXP .  I also ordered my favorite Springtime Bontrager Jones ACX tires since each season starts with an abundance of slipping and sliding when the weather permits us to even reach the starting line.  With the first 2008 OMBC race at Mohican State Park already cancelled due to winter and spring recently duking it out in Southern Ohio, I’m now considering my first race to actually be on pavement (what!?) as the local Mingo Creek road series starts up this Sunday.   The 40-something temps and rainy/snow mix predicted is not helping my decision, so it’ll be a last minute choice Sunday morning if I’m up for the chilly challenge.  I’ll let you know.


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