weather predictions & trails lost by mj

03-29-08-69er-on-power-line.jpgSaturdays weather was accurately predicted at 40+ degrees with clear sunny skies.  A gorgeous heat wave for March!  I decided to take advantage and headed out for a few hours of trails (including those necessary road sections), which eliminated any desire to even attempt Sundays road race.  I would never ride that much the day before a race, but I couldnt pass up the opportunity.  I was not too motivated with the race days predicted weather anyway, however, Sunday ended up being just as beautiful as Saturday and no “rainy snow mix” ever showed up in the area.  A perfect example why no one should EVER soley rely on weather predictions to dictate their schedule!  Oh well, I was thrilled to sleep in and manage another weekend trail ride at Hartwood Acres instead.  A favorite park of mine and rare opportunity to get there.  I was also very happy to see some old friends, Stacey and Karen, on trail too.  Very cool.  We used to run together years ago, but after too many non-stop chiropractic visits life was easier to bag running altogether and stick strictly to wheels.  Never regretted that decision either!   

A final and sad note that a section of trails in Butler that takes local riders from town into a small city park is currently being demolished so some jerko can make some cash on timber.  Lame!!  Just a reminder to always advocate03-29-08-trail-murder.jpg for our trails, support local organizations (Bike Pgh) and national ones (IMBA) and whatever else we can do to protect our trails.  Always too far and few between and more valuable than any non-trail user will ever understand! 


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