MJs 1st ’08 (Mingo Creek Road) Race

I have been pretty anxious to get my first race in for the season and get a taste for how I’d feel with my training to date.  With the second Mingo Creek road race happening this weekend I couldnt pass up the opportunity.  My two goals: 1) Dont get lapped by any other (women) riders and 2) Do not race/ride the entire race solo (meaning keep up with somebody!).  I’m happy to say I managed both.. woohoo!!

The women field hit the double digits with 11 girls.  A great turn out for W.PA in early Spring.  The course was a 4.7 mile loop with only 1 (double decker style) hill but it definitely left its mark each time up.  Then after that the rest of the course was fast and flowing with some crazy head winds on the tail end of the lap.  The entire field held together for the first lap, which was nice and comfy while it lasted.  As we started our second time around, Rachel (Steel City Endurance) came cruising past me, took the lead and picked up the pace!  Now the race was beginning!  After we crested the hill for the second time the first 4-pack of girls were pulling off the front and leaving us behind, but I knew it was only a matter of time with those powerhouses (Lee Ann and Whitney (GPOA), Barb Grabowski and the instigator, Rachel).  Into the next lap and it was evident 3 of us (Lauren (Steel City Endurance), Chrissy Buerkle and I) were pacing well and we agreed to work together after noticing we also dropped a few more riders off the back.  Its a heck of a lot more fun out on that asphalt when you have someone to share the work load.  I’m pretty sure we were happy to have the company and by the end of the race I was down right grateful.  Lauren was able to pull away from us towards the end, but I knew she has a little more gusto left over than anything I was feeling.  (I’d also like to add in that this is my 6th year of racing and Laurens first race!  I’d venture to say she’s a natural!) Chrissy and I rolled in side by side claiming 6th & 7th place.  I am very happy with my finish.  I gave it all I had and theres not much more we can ask for come race day.  Well, no mechanicals, more fun than pain, and no stupid mistakes are usually top on my list each race as well.

Not a race report to knock anyones socks off but I had a seriously great time, met a few girls that I hope to see again this summer, happy to have road an aggressive 28 miles and beautiful weather on top of it all.  I earned those sugar cookies I picked up yesterday and now I need to go biofreeze a few parts and have a superb nights sleep!  🙂

Ps.. I didnt get any photos but will add later if I track any down. 


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  1. Posted by kelly on April 7, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    Great job Michelle!!!! Hey whats with “not a race report to knock anyones socks off”? You should up to the line, you raced and I know you gave it your all – you only have to knock off your own socks!!! Keep up the great work and enjoy the ride!!!


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