smells & sounds of summer.. in April!

After three straight days of my road bike and pavement I was thrilled to get out in the woods and dirt last night!  An awesomely good time with the smells and sounds of springtime (I could have sworn it was summer!) all around..  almost 70 degrees when I headed out at 6pm (no joke!).. the air smelled delicious.. birds chatting it up everywhere.. people walking all over the town and park and trails.. dogs barking at everyone.. while all fenced or leased in town (perfect!).. baseball practice in memorial park (I love the sound of the bat hitting the ball. Kink!).. and on my way back to the car I actually passed an ice cream truck abnoxiously blaring its music which still gets me all giddy. (I still cant believe I didnt stop!)  Life is Good! 🙂

This weekend is providing a variety of races!  The third and final race in the Mingo series, WVMBA & OMBC share race 1 in WV, or a possible overnight trip to E.PA and the first MASS series race.  What to do, what to do!?  Wherever we go the race season is undoubtedly in full effect!!


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