MJs Trek Top Fuel 69er

Travis and I decided to stay home this past weekend so with no race report for this week I thought it was an ideal time to rave about my bike Trek Top Fuel 69er some more.  After a few races for the season I am so happy with my bike and truly recommend it for anyone with an interest in the 29″ scene. 

I decided to keep the provided sweep bar on for a little while and see how I liked it.  Never hurts to try new things especially since it was already on the bike.  I liked it more than I expected, but after a few races I felt the loss of my bar ends and have decided to go back to my straight bar with ends.  I’ve only had one ride on the bike since the replacement and I was reminded it takes some getting used to as you can easily hook and toss yourself having those (like little hands on the front of your bike grabbing at everything you pass), but I like the hand positioning too much and will be used to them again after a few rides. 

I am already pretty happy with how I am riding technically this year.  With my 29″ front tire it is amazing how much easier it is lifting the front end over things.. and SO fun!!  I approach bigger obstacles and know I got this!  I think the smaller back wheel makes it a little easier to manuever than a full 29″ back tire as well.   I feel more confident and success cutting through the trails, recovering from a potential slip and fall, trying way more obstacles!  I think that bike is having as much fun as I am!  The wheel combination is not being indecisive or on the fence as I’ve heard a few times… I think its freaking brilliant!!  Everybody had same size wheels.  BORING! 

I was a little concerned with the weight of it at first, but going from the Top Fuel 90 (full carbon) frame would probably do that to anyone making the switch.  I added a few lighter components though like I mentioned in my first 69er post which has helped some, but I’ve actually never noticed or been concerned with the weight of the bike when riding it anyway.  I’m am really happy that is not a concern for me at all now.  If we need to shed some weight I’ll probably work on my own components before I change anything else on this bike.

Travis picked up a few magazines this week and I cant remember which one I was reading last night, but there was an article “5 new sexy bikes” and the 69er made the list.  Sweet!  Not only is the bike fun, ready to kick some technical trail ass, but its sexy too!  I’ll follow up later which mag had that. 

Last thought for the post.  If your interested.. curious.. whatever.. Trek is more than cooperative with their demo tours (another one due in Pittsburgh July 20th) and women specific tours and the Trek shops usually let you demo what they already have in their showroom.  Go ride one!  When a company is cool enough to say here, take it and try it for yourself then your a nut if you dont take advantage!  I had several demo rides on the 69er before I made my purchase.  Like a most excellent pair of blue jeans I just knew we were a great match!  I cant imagine every going back to a 26″ bike now.  I am happy as a clam.. a lark.. a mountain biker with my favorite bike ever!  Yeah baby!  I’m sooo happpy.  🙂


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  1. Posted by Bob on May 16, 2008 at 12:11 am

    Come on MJ, try that big sweep bar with the carbon bar ends. It will work, just try….


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