OMBC4 The Wilds by mj

Mud: a slimy sticky mixture of solid material with a liquid and especially water; soft wet earth.  Yesterday’s course is definitely in my top 3 list of mudmudmud (no spaces means to say it real fast like Paramore’s song crushcrushcrush) experiences.  Way too much in my opinion.  It will probably take several months for the Wilds to completely dry up from that scene.  Beginners lined up for 6.5 miles, Sport 13.5 and Experts 20.. expert mens loop already shortened before we even started.. thats promising.  So I knew it was going to be tough, but never expected what was ahead.   Even the flat, very nontechnical trails were difficult with tires spinning and fish tailing at any moment.  Is it still “fish tailing” when its both tires outta control? Hmmm?  Most of the course was just trying to stay on the bike and upright with pretty much zero “race pace” (for me) involved.  Any sort of climb forced me to walk as the thick layer of “soft wet earth” hid all signs of tread on my tires.   At least a dozen pit stops to pull what seemed likes pounds of “soft wet earth” out of the nooks and crannies of my bike.   I did not have my computer to give mileage but I knew we did a 13.5 mile loop back to the start/finish then repeated the 6.5 beginner loop.   I pondered if they would cut our course short due to tearing up the trails.. taking so long.. anything!  As I approached the start/finish Bob Myers was hanging out with camera in hand.  I told him I was done… just didnt have any interest to slip, slide and walk another 6.5 miles as it started to feel like I could have walked as much as I pedalled.. blach!  I can usually stick it out and enjoy what any race has to offer, but that much foot traffic is down right sucky.  Bob replies he thought they cut the womens course off at the 13.5 mile loop and I was actually finishing right then!  He must have snapped this picture right at that very moment because I have this retarded glimmer of hope and I’m looking in the direction of the start/finish tent like its a hot, juicy burger.  Too funny!  April Levack (Rays Indoor Park /Gary Fisher Team) was hot on my tail so I took the little bit of motivation I had left and picked it up a notch hoping she wouldnt pass me in the last 5 feet, but when I approach the tent I was informed the first place expert woman (Ruth Cunningham – Dirty Harrys) already went through before an official decision was made, so our race was still on and I was not done.  Pssssssssss… there goes.. no, not my tire… my brief moment of excitement as I thought I was legitimately finished.  Oh well.  As soon as she said that I said I’m out! and confirmed my race number and DNF (did not finish) status.  I watch April go through the flags and continue down the road to conquer the remaining 6.5 horrendously “soft wet earth” miles.  I think props to April and I should pick up whatever she’s taking but I am still happy to wind down and hang out on some solid ground.  I am not disappointed in my DNF as once I realized I wasnt having much fun I knew I had enough.  No fun = I’m done.  I’m a poet dont ya know it.  2:45 hours to complete the first 13.5 miles… holy crap thats craziness!  After washing off as much grossness as I could I got dressed in my civilian attire and we all recapped on the abundance of “soft wet earth” (cannot type it enough people).  I quickly learned I was not the only one to call it quits.  A few fellow DNFers (Lauren, Lindsay and I) still smiling and enjoying the dirty scene anyway.   Now how many people do you know can DNF and still look so happy!?  Thats what its all about!  And I finally have a post with some photos thanks to Bob (thank you!), who has a nice collection of photos on his own blog too.   At least it was a good work out and some training for the next one.  Thanks for stopping by.. 🙂



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