Mohican 100k Highlights by mj

Race day nerves.. painful hill.. frustrations with so much traffic and simultaneously thankful they were pacing me..  concerns I was too tired at aid station 1 (20 miles).. very happy to reach half way point and feeling ok.. reach 100k-miles split and still ok.. broke chain.. walked, shuffled, scootered several miles to aid station 5 for assistance in repair.. still felt good until the dam (heard about it, still overwhelmed with it).. stomach knotted & fended off throw up final few miles.. seat loosened up and stopped me twice.. frustration city.. gps says only 58 miles & I felt approaching mental breakdown and wimpers.. crest final hill and realize gps was short (due to autopause I think) and I was actually done..  cross finish line dazed and not so happy due to belly.. no travis or bob made me sad.. coasted to car thinking i might cry like a little girl.. I didnt.. happy to find travis and bob.. a beyond necessary and satisfying shower.. exhaustion and success settle in.. I’d do it again. 


3 responses to this post.

  1. Nice work finishing!! That course is sooo tough.
    A little grease or anti-seize on your bontrager seatpost bolt should keep it tight, worked for mine.


  2. Hey Michelle,

    I like your write-up! What a crazy day – eh? Visit my blog for my post.

    Hopefully we will see you & Travis around this summer. Nice meeting you guys.



  3. Posted by Stacey on June 18, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    I am sooo proud of you for doing the Mohican 100k!
    That is great~ I hope to do some distance riding next year. Any helpful hints beside ‘ride you f*&^%g bike!’


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