2008 Mohican 100 Photos

With no races or travel reports from this past weekend I thought I’d share a few snap shots from my day at Mohican and I’m finally done posting about it.

Pre-race Poison Ivy Block application.  Dont leave home without it!!  Seriously!

Arrive at start line around 6:30am and its oddly quiet, but several hundred riders are not far behind! 

I comfortably tucked towards the back of the start line crowd.  Watching the cyclists climb the hill ahead of me was seriously cool.  Looked like an ocean wave of people as they rolled up, up and up in a very fluid scene.. which looked way more graceful than it sounded.

Somewhere between 10-20 miles in.  I couldnt believe the amount of awesome singletrack already.  I was so excited to be attempting my first 100k and having a most excellent time so far.

9+ hours later and all done. Excluding my belly cramps (my own stupidity) I had such a good time.  I am already looking forward to trying more endrance races in the future.  

All cleaned up and hanging with some of the fast boys!  For like a minute but still… YEAHHH!!  Chris, Harlan and Jeff are all very nice guys and I enjoy any chance to get a little socializing in with them.  Too bad their super hero biking skills are not as contagious as the three leaves. 

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to the volunteers of the day!  Each aid station was awesomely stocked full of food, drink and smiling, helpful people.  It was so nice.  I did feel like a pro when in their company.  Also, neverending thanks to the two guys that fixed my chain for me.  I’ll be sure to carry a master link with me next time along with more eats for my monster stomach.  Burp.


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