“I love to ride my bicycle..” by mj

I packed both my road and mtb bikes Tuesday before heading to work not sure where I wanted to ride that night.  As the end of my work day approached I decided to check out the ACA crit race, but once I headed out the overcast skies quickly talked me out of it and I decided to get some trail time instead with thoughts of more rain and trails getting too soggy later this week.  I can always talk myself out of the crit so easily.  I need to work on that and try attending more often.   

I continued North bound to the Butler Alameda Park trails that I frequent most often these days.  I dont know if it was a superb combination of recent eats, rest and training, but for some heavenly reason I felt freaking fantastic!  I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, but there was definitely a noticeable difference on this ride.  Once I started into the trails I was so happy to be there.  I found myself almost smiling as I bobbed and weaved through the single track.  Every climb that I normally will use my granny gear or at least slow down and spin easier I maintained my gearing and climbed like a champ!  Oh my gosh I hope it wasnt just a miraculous intervention of some kind and it was maybe a sign of season improvements and successful training.   Since Travis and I havent attended a race in two weeks now that always makes me concerned the next race is going hurt like something fierce and I’m going to pay for my down time.  I always struggle with the thought of “resting or recovering” versus “slacker” and when am I one versus the other?  Hmm?  I hope this means I am balancing my schedule ok for now.   I’ll find out soon enough! 

The trails are getting a little overgrown and grab at me throughout the ride, but it doesnt bother me with the cooler temps and the simple fact I’m loving life!  I reach a section of wide and flatter trail compared to the rest of the park so I continue to pick up my pace and ride like I’m on a mission.  I feel great!  Its dusk now and the trails are getting a little gloomy.  Reminds me of Narnia or Sherwood Forest.    I finish my loop but crave more ride time.  Usually I’m always so pressed for time with my to do list for the night I always head out whenever my intended ride is done, but I duck back into the trails wanting to savor in the good time.  It definitely felt like some good medicine as frustrations with non-biking life in general has been a little consuming lately.   Biking has truly become a necessity for me.. my happy place.. where I can wash off most stress and frustrations.. focus only on the trail ahead and shut out the rest of the world for if only an hour.  I loop my way back to the car, stretch and smile feeling sooo much better than when I arrived!  I pack my bike up.. I love to ride my bicycle..I love to ride my biiiike.. and back to reality until the next time.   Cheers! 🙂


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