ACA Crit by mj

I stopped over to the ACA Criterium race last night.  After making a pit stop at the annual picnic a week ago (without my bike because I thought I would miss the start… but actually had plenty of time to join the race.. doh!) I craved the short, intense race scene once again and put it on my agenda. 

With the combination of muggy hot weather and anticipated sprints I was curious how my body (specifically belly) would react and cooperate for the 30-40 minute race.   I was disappointed not to see my friend Sharon (ProGraphics), who is always a great competitor on the track, but quickly noticed a few other girls that I knew would keep the race fast and interesting.  

We started out for the 30 laps and quickly line up along the inside line.  I noticed (and was impressed) from the beginning that Courtney (ProGraphics) took the front and head wind majority of the laps.  Christa (Sette Nova) always keeps things interesting and throttles down the outside line for a breakaway attempt every chance her body lets her.  I love it every time she passes on the right, head down, giving it all she had pulling away from the pack before everyone takes notice and attempts to join her.  I managed to pull a few laps myself, but mostly settled into the line trying to hold off a potential vurp of my pre-race snack foods.  A junior, who I quickly learned his name to be Michael due to the amount of noticable cheering for him, was a serious pistol out there and held his own really well when he wasnt take the lead himself.   Lauren (Steel City), who I met at the Mingo race earlier this year, is a strong rider and I found myself chasing her down again and again after I would fall to the back of the group.  Ding-a-ling.. final lap!  The group slows down quite a bit (which happened on the back side of most laps yesterday as riders waiting for someone else to take the lead) which causes the group to spread out.  About 2/3 of the way down the back side I saw Whitney (Hershey Cancer Insitiute) gear down and stand up! Here we go!  Everyone follows suit and the sprints begin!  I decide on the inside line and have a clean shot around the final bend passing a few girls, but I was cut off as we approach the final straight away and lost some momentum.. pooey!  I finally reach the point where I also stand up and start my final sprint to the finish line.   Behind several riders I reach the finish line along side another junior rider unsure which one of us actually beat the other, so I have no idea where I actually placed in the bunch.  I’ll update with my actual place/finish once they post the results. 

I loved the aggression and rush of the short, intense race!  What a great work out (15miles, 40minutes, 22.4 avg spd, 173 avg hr, 802cals)!  I hope to possibly start attending more often in a few weeks after my office relocates me significantly closer to the track.. nice!


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  1. “I loved the aggression and rush of the short, intense race! What a great work out!”

    Exactly why I love cyclocross. It’s basically a crit on dirt.


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