OMBC#6 S&S Trails by mj

We made it out to one of my favorite OMBC races at S&S Trails last Sunday.  Seriously awesome: trails, competition, mud, volunteers, eats, treats and all that good stuff that keeps me going to races!  

The day started out a little gloomy, but besides a very short rain fall. Literally only lasted long enough for me to say “oh no its raining” and it stopped, the rest of the day was all sunny skies for the event.  We gathered at the start line and were told a le mans start was scheduled to help spread out the field before we ducked into the  trails.  Ohhh crap!  I literally JUST said yesterday I do not run except from dogs and bees!!  Oh well…  my cement block tree trunk sluggish feeling legs never like a jog before a race, but if I must… I must.  Amanda Sprout and I were the expert females signed up for the longer course, which happened to be shortened to 3 laps due to the abundance of mud, so winning was highly unlikely and my goal for the day was to finish and be happy with my performance.  I know I am not at a point in my racing where I am competitive with Amanda.. just yet.. if ever.. I mean, just yet! 😉 and Sundays results confirmed that once again.   I always enjoy having great competitors like Amanda though.  Gives me that hope that I can continue improving, motivation to stay focused and keep training, and that desire to want to keep striving for bigger, better, faster, stronger!

I’ve always enjoyed this course.  The 5 mile loop have a little bit of everything… tough climbs, fun decents, a few bridges, some rocks, plenty of roots, and lots and lots of opportunities to see other riders throughout the course, which I always love in any race.   The whole heat (Vet men and Amanda) dropped me from the start as I struggled to get my slow, pathetic, non-running self on my bike… ohh soo inefficient!  Once on my bike the fun began and I attempted to chase them down.  The first climb was tough from the start with slippy roots and plenty of mud and it only got much worse as the race continued.   I started to remember sections of the course as I made my way through lap one.. excited that all the climbs didnt seem as harsh as I remembered from past experiences!  Am I getting better?  Maybe.  Stronger?  Possibly!  WooHoo!  Into lap two I reach the first two way section of trail divided by a yellow line and I spot Amanda coming the other direction, so I check my timer and once I reached the other side of the lane I saw I was already 5 minutes behind.  Wow, she’s killin’ it!  I could tell I was not going to be able to speed it up at all, so I just hoped I could just settle in and maintain that pace through the rest of the race.  

As I start into lap 3 I was feeling pretty good.  Just sucked down a Gu on the road stretch so I’m guessing that helped some, but I also can feel that relief of “final lap” and knowing whatever I have left in me I can leave it all out there because I’m headed in!  I work my way to the final stretch of the lap and see Lindsey paused and pulling some mud out of her bike (Go Lindsey!!) and she hops back on to follow me into the last field stretch.  Probably the toughest section of the course that day with a long stretch of peanut butter mud.  Tough!  I was pleased I was able to stay on and grind my way through, but some other mud sections I am still undecided if that was a good or bad choice with the effort it took.  Normally my goal is to always stay on my bike and pedal it out.. due to the whole dislike of any foot traffic during a race.  Have I expressed my feelings about this enough?  

After the mud we climb up and around the corn field (yum!), down the road nice and fast trying not to eat any of the mud we just picked up, another loop around the other side and corn field (butter and salt please!) and back to the start/finish where Ryan calls my number and name and I feel the satisfaction and exhaustion and exhilaration all through me.. Ahhhhh!  I just LOVE that feeling, the atmosphere, getting to ride some different and fun trails, socializing with lots of great people and all of us equally lycra’d for the day… good, good times! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sticking it out with me!! That’s the worst mud I’ve been in for a long time!


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