ACA Crit on SPEED by mj

This is why I race!  I head down to the track tonight for a little social time and a good effort on the track and I head home feeling amazing!  After 40 minutes of a 23 mph average (sa-weet!) my legs were like jello (which I can truly not recall the last time they felt that giggly wiggly), my lungs were on fire waking up after several weeks of down time, I could feel every part of my body attempting to work in an efficient team effort and after crossing the finish line I experience the most fabulous euphoria.  I feel ALIVEand all kinds of happy!!  Good, good freaking times!!   I’ll toss out some specifics later this week, but felt the urge to toss this online while I had a moment.  Major props to all the fast, fast ladies and juniors tearing it up tonight!  I’m going to snag me a bowl of fruity pebbles before sawing some logs.  Nighty night!

PS. Phelps just won beat a world record for the 7th time!  Nii-eeeece!!  And the gymnastics are JUST starting!?  At 10:12pm!?  Blurg!


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