Night Riding by mj

With the upcoming festivities I wanted to get at least one night ride in before the weekend.  I have years of (fun!) night rides under my belt, but this will be my first experience of heading off into the woods by myself.. not just on home trails or familiar ground, but on top of some mountain… whatwasthat!?  Sure there will be all kinds of people out riding at any moment, but once you pull away from that transition tent its way dark and spooky!  So, I headed out last night around 8:30p to get a little night time spin in, make sure everything (lights) are working, figure out where I want my light positioned on my helmet, etc.  Travis and I road for about an hour on the local rails-to-trails.  I should have went out by myself, but when he offered to attend I couldnt pass up the company.  Ohhh, how fun night riding can be!  It is such a fabulous time and completely different experience on the same ol’ trails!  Everything looks different, the atmosphere feels different and dont forget about the different animals or insects that make evening only appearances.  Like bats!  Didnt take long before I spotted them zig zagging overhead.  High on the creeper meter!  One little bugger continued to stay in my beam of light for quite some time.. flying away from me, but only about 4 of 5 feet ahead of my face just swaying back and forth, back and forth.  I kept imagining catching up and running into it by accident (eek!), but thankfully we maintained our distance and it just kept leading the way.  Travis said it was eatting up all the bugs it could see from my light.  Better him than me.  Patueey!!  So hopefully we (meaning me) do not have many (meaning any!) close encounters with bats or other nocturnal (creepy) things this weekend.  If so I’m just going to picture this guy..  lookie.. thats not scary at all… silly little bats!  🙂



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  1. Posted by Mark aka Bro on August 28, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    Is there a site for the race, or a site that has race info listed on it? I want to check it out.


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