Score: 9.543 by mj

I managed to squeeze in some acrobatic skills into my riding schedule this past Sunday afternoon.  It was brilliant!  I think fellow rider and witness Paula gave me a 9.543 final score (hense the title.. yes, I know, I’m crazy witty) if memory serves me correctly. 

First, I must confess that I decided to hit up the local Bavington trails after I turned loserville and bailed on making the trip out to Michaux a-gain!  Geesh, I feel exceptionally lame.  I’m just so very tired of the four wheeled vehicle this year.  Maxed out, overly tired, frustrated and bored with it is putting it lightly.  So, here comes Michaux (a FAVorite spot of mine), I have friends willing to share a hotel room and other friends offering their home, but I’m too freaking lazy to drive myself out there.  Re-re-re-ridiculous!  Ok, pitty party over.  My bad.

Back to my gymnastic skills (and lack there of).  Ok, so when moving in any type of forward motion.. via bike, car, skis, even walking.. a rule of thumb is you pretty much should not look where you dont particularly want to go, right?  Yes!  So, as I was enjoying my ride (through a section I have cleared many times including earlier that day) my mind wonders and I recall a most wicked accident that Travis managed earlier this year where he seemed to land directly on his lung.. more specifically he landed on and damaged that skin that surrounds the lungs and helps everything glide around in there in perfect harmony.  One of those things we all have but can never fully appreciate until its mangled.  Yeah, that.  I watched him try to move around and struggle in doing so for weeks as it slowly healed.  What a downer.

Back to Sunday.. again.. I roll on up to the spot where I know he wrecked and think.. oh yeah, I think this is where Travis wrecked.. where he mangled his lung skin (like I know the real name for it).. what did he hit.. i bet it was that stuum.. whooaa… ohhh… boink.. uh oh.. crash!!  I did manage to complete the event standing up, hands in air, like a true pro… kidding!  I cant remember how it ended, but quickly sat up to assess the damage and catch my breath.  I may need to replace my bar end and/or handlebar.  Not sure yet.  Heart rate monitor straps are really uncool if you compress your torso like an accordian in a pretty fast and accidental kind of way.  So I have my first hrm boo boo.  Weird.  After a few days I also have a lovely black, blue and purple camouflage left thigh as I must have used that part of my body to stop the somersault/endo.  Its been a while since I’ve enjoyed such a colorful complexion.

So why am I even writing all of this?  Well, I have no post race report… pooey!   Or.. that after years and years of trail riding I (or anyone) can still biff it with the best of them.. stay focused on where you DO want to go  (riding or whatever).. I can confirm what line not to take on a certain Bavington trail if you wanna know..  its pretty neat to see a trail upside down and in mid air.. it is just truly amazing how many thoughts you can have in an instant.. while upside down and in mid air.. black, blue and purple do not go well with pastey white.. anti-inflammatories can be a riders best friend.. what doesnt kill us makes us stronger..  I think I’m just starting to ramble now (just starting?)..  ok, I’m done.  

Be safe, keep the rubber side down, and on a more positive or motivational kinda note.. we all fall, its the getting back up that counts! 🙂


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