my achin’ head by mj

No I didnt land on it.  Actually I didnt do anything to it.. that I can recall.  (Whaa.. where am I?  JUST kidding.)  It started last Tuesday and I have zero cool riding stories, no new acrobatic scenes, no cracking of the helmet, no.. nuthin!  I just woke up with a head ache.  Blurg!  This is my first (and I pray only) experience of a now week long, huge downer of a head ache from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!  (yeah, I’m ticked!)  I’ve been to the chiropractor three times and with no relief I finally hit up my p.c.p. yesterday for some drugs.  I had a wonderful, but all too brief evening of relief after a prick to my hip area with a suringe full of something wonderful, but woke up again and its back.  Huge, HUGE downer!  Frustration City!  Pain, pain, go away!  

Why must I post a complaint?  Complainers are such a downer! I’m such a downer! 😦   Well, this mild head ache, but ready-to-activate-into-full-migraine-when-I-turn-my-head-too-far-or-lean-over has kept me off the bike for a week now.  Seriously?  Seriously!  I need to ride like I need.. food.. air.. water.. bike!  I have officially reached “sad” status and hope that my next post will be a wonderful mj-all-better and a happy riding post!  Oohhh, I cant wait!! 

Ps. I know a week is sooo not a big deal at all especially when I had friends with broken limbs and healing time in the “months” range, but when I dont know what sparked this and so far no remedy this suuuucks

Pss.  I figured a downer post might be better than no post, right?  An explanation to my lack of riding or racing?  Blog worthy?  I dont freaking know!  Gosh!  (Sorry, my patience are on a hiatus.) 

Psss.  Sneezing is a cruel, cruel thing.


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