I love Fall most of all!

The weather guy actually said “it should be the most beautiful weekend of the year” this morning as I got ready for work.  (insert little jig here!  do be do be dah.. yeah!)  You dont get weather reports like that in hot, humid, itchy summer time!  Now a few biking options for this beeeeautiful weekend…

1.  Breast Cancer Awareness Ride from T.O.P. Robinson Saturday,10am.

2.  The last Month of Mud race at Moraine Sunday,10am. 

If your schedule doesnt permit either of these cool events make sure you at least get yourself outside for a little bit! Go walk, go sit, go something!  Catch a few rays (look up and soak it in! its good for you!) and enjoy the beauty mother nature is so graciously offering us.  Happy trails.. 🙂


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