M.O.M. @ Moraine by mj

Yeah Moraine!  What a fun, rocky, adrenaline rushing, heart pumping good time!  I was really happy to see so many girls out representin’ W.PA. on such a tough course… no place for the weak or weary! 

The race started at 10a with the first batch o’ riders starting into the woods, then up and over a wide fire road before we reached our first batch of single track.  Ohhh boy, I was not expecting the longer climb up and (slightly surprised of my negative attitude) hated on it a little bit.  Oh well.  Thats what happens when you start to slack off before the season is over.. burn, baby, burn!!  My legs and lungs were equally sizzling up and over the first hill and through most of the first section of single track that continued to climb and wake us up for a few more miles.  At least its a superb way to break up the pack, which I always appreciate.

With Beth, Chrissy and Paula outta sight before we reached the single track, it was Lauren, Ruth, Lee Ann and I that mingled together through most of lap one.  I totally enjoy when my competition can be that close through a race!  No time to day dream or dilly dally!  Lee Ann and I reached the big boulders together and laughed, hooted and hollared as we cleared the massive beasts together.  Another favorite moment to feed my love for racing!     

We started into lap two and back up the beginning of that pesky fire road climb.  Thats when Lauren so nonchallantly rolled past me with a big smile and friendly comment and made the climb look all too easy.  Oh so humbling.  I took it one gear harder to try and maintain with her, but she schooled me and left me behind.  Lee Ann and I started into the single track again together, but I could feel it.. the wear and tear of lap one settling in and I was slowing down.  I told Lee Ann to get around me at one point as I knew I must have been holding her back and she tossed me a “calm down!” (which was awesome and helped me do just that) and continued to follow me a little while longer through the twisty trails.  Eventually she did roll around me once again and I tried to focus on her wheel ahead, ride her line, keep with her.. but.. nope.. she slowly pulled away from me too.  Riding the rocks as graceful as anyone could do.  The pavement junkie she has become has so not interfered with her technical skills!

I was still having a most fabulous time as the moraine trails are always very high on the fun factor scale.  I continued on with the occcasional passer by from the Sport class.  I worked my way through the first batch of rocks, thoroughly enjoyed the switch back-y down hill again, and made my way through the boulder-y section one more time (clearing everything again, which was just so amazingly fun and exciting with onlookers and everything.. usually spectators = extreme difficulty = desired crash and entertainment = added stress and lack of focus = mj footing it).  I reach the final climb, which I considered to be way more of a beeyatch than the fire road, and rolled my way to the crowded finish line.. everyone all smiles and cheering me and everyone else in!!  WOOO HOOO!!  Funfunfun!! 

Hooray for all the ladies that represented the month of mud series strong this year!  Congrats to Sunday’s winners, overall winners and new hall of famers.  This I have yet to experience, but.. there’s always next year! 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that so graciously gave their time and efforts to put on this sweet, home turf series once again!  20 amazing years and going strong!  I hope to see everyone and more there next season! 🙂

Ps.  I had more photos to post, but it was so darn bright (not that I’m complaining) most of the pictures came out with way too much glare.  Next time.


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  1. Posted by Michael Murphy on October 15, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Hi Michelle! I hope you are the right Michelle, this is Mike a/k/a “Mayor” from the Breast Cancer ride this past Saturday. I found your blog and was hoping that you may have posted some pictures from the ride. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to you and Travis and everyone from the Trek store for helping me out Saturday. Although I have only been riding for a few weeks, I absolutely love it and I am definitely looking forward to participating in many more rides. Speaking of which, do you know of any regular and/or upcoming group rides that would be good for a beginner like me?


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