Hide n Seek by mj

As the trails become hidden under the layers of fallen but beeeeeautiful leaves, its the the rocks, roots or temporarily covered HOLE (AH!) tucked underneath just waiting to be accidentally found.  Now is a great time of year to work on your technical skills (whether you really want to or not) as this hide n seek scenerio becomes a regular thing until the leaves get cleaned up or eventually fade back into the landscape.  Enjoy the sights (oh so pretty!), enjoy the scents (ahhh, refreshing!) but be cautious of what your riding over  this time of year as anything can happen! 

I actually managed an unscheduled and impressive slow motion endo on the Butler rails-to-trails one time.  Seriously?  Is that possible?  Yes and yes!  Picture it.. Butler.. 1996 (get it? thats my Sophia impression! If you dont know I’m totally sounding older.. eew!)  Anyway, I’m riding along the trail, enjoying the beautiful fall sights and smells, when I am completely unaware of a ditch dug across the trail for a small temporary drainage, construction scene of sorts.  The leaves laid right over top of it like a sneaky leafy blanket trap!  My tire plops right in and I was going just fast enough to roll myself right over my bars.  Holy surprised! (You can ask Ruth as she witnessed the embarrassment.)  Not your typical rails to trails scenerio, no doubt!  So, yeah, anything can happen if your not paying attention.     

Now as I wait for the little green men to leave my sinus cavities (get out!! get ouuwwwwwtt!!) I am undecided if I should attempt a last xc race this Sunday at Ohio’s infamous Mohican Wilderness trails.  A really great place to ride, but after additional slackerness (since my last post mentioning my arrival into slackerville) I am not sure if I am feeling like a glutten for punishment or not.  Is it just a matter of the sinus’ clearing up,  can I round up the nerve to attempt one last race or am I just stupid enough to think it wont hurt really, really bad!?  Ohhh, I dunno.

Oh yeah, the weather people said we are in our prime time for colors this fall! right now! doesnt last long! get outside! go ride your bike! and be safe out there!  You just never knoooow…whoaaaa… whoops!  I’m ok!!


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