Pgh250 Festival of Lights by mj

Last Thursday a few of us (not the best photo, but its all I got.. including MichelleB, Jess, Ruth, Charlene, Lauren and me) met at the Trek Shadyside store and planned a bike ride around town to check out some of the artsy buildings all colored up for part of the Pittsburgh 250 Festival of Lights.  Our loop took us through Shadyside and down over Polish Hill to the Strip District.  Our first scheduled stop was at the convention center to check out the new (and permanent) water feature.  I always dig water features and this one did not let me down.  Stopping down any time is worth the trip, but if you can make it at night with the lights I think that brings it up a notch.

Next we headed right down Penn Avenue to Katz Plaza which is on the corner next to the O’Reilly theatre.  I loved how the art moved upward and had such warm and vibrant colors.  This piece consists of a 3 minute rotation and had a few ginormous butterflies in the mix too.  I thought it was great and could have just hung out there for a while longer, but we had a ride to do and other places to see, so off we went!

Third stop was at the Omni William Penn hotel with the main entrance side of the building covered in mountain laurel.  Ohh so pretty!  Pictures never really do justice to what you can see in person, but if you notice the entrance to the building underneath the canopy isnt colored, so you can almost see how vibrant the mountain laurel actually looked compared to the normal and borrrrring exterior walls.

Then we road across town, cut through market square, saw they are already getting the PPG ice rink ready for winter time.  Fun!  We headed up the Blvd. of the Allies, onto the Eliza Furnace (aka Jail) Trail, crossed the 10th Street bridge and over to the South side trail, crossed the Hot Metal Bridge back to the Jail trail and into Panther Hollow, then up to the Cathedral of Learning for our last scheduled stop of the night.  While at the cathedral we stopped at Schenley Plaza where Jim Donavan from Rusted Root was jamming out with his new band.  A few of us joined a dancing circle for a couple of minutes of the drum tripping music.  I’m still impressed of our dancing skills with cleated shoes on.  Riding bikes is just one of our many talents!  After a few jigs we gathered back up for the final stretch back to the shop. 

We had really good weather for the fall evening ride and I had such a good time with everyone!  If your interested to check out the buildings yourself they will stay colored until November 20th.  Of all the options to buzz around town I (of course!) recommend the the two wheeled pedalling kind.  Good times.. 🙂


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  1. Posted by Mark *bro* on October 30, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    Cool pictures. I’m glad you put this on here. The water show looks cool too. I always wondered why they put that there and left it empty.

    Also; If you are at a concert and the music is too loud it’s not because you are too old…it’s because you are standing too close 🙂


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