ICEMAN here I cometh by mj!

With originally no plans of going to the Iceman Cometh race this year I missed my opportunity to get a freebee entry into the race, which so far has been the only way we have been able to get into this most excellent event (because of how ridiculously fast registration fills up).  Now as the event approaches and Travis has plans of attending with fellow Ohio racer bud, Steve Twinning, I just cant fight the urge!  I.. muusst.. gooo.. race!  

So I called and asked my favorite Trek regional sales guy, Bob Myers, about a possibly entry but I missed his final deadline to submit riders/entries, so no luck there.  Then I thought of asking Ryan O’Dell the OMBC race director, after the Mohican race last Sunday since I know he receives entries for his series winners each year.  Since he only gets one entry per catagory (and series winner Amanda Sprout has taken the Pro/Expert women catagory.. Congrats Amanda!) the only available entry I could sign up for was “Women Singlespeed”.  My response, “Heh Heh, I dont even have a singlespeed.”  He said since he has no women singlespeeders in the area I should just fill out the entry while I was there, and then I can let him know in a day or two if I have any intentions of going and racing, so I did just that. 

For those of you that are not familiar with the Iceman race its at the very tippy top of Michigan in Traverse City.  Race limit is 2000 riders and its a freaking blast!  Instead of having anywhere between 2 or maybe double digit girls to race against I’ll line up with 30-40!  Holy awesome!  They have a huge expo the day before, bikers basically take over the town for the weekend (nice!) and they finish with a really nice awards scene afterwards.  With all that said dont forget the sweet and funfunfun course we get to ride!  A majorly 5-star event! Ok, ok, you should get my drift by now.

Fast forward.. I told Ryan, “I’m in!” and I had my new (used) Paragon that I just recently bought to use as a winter bike converted into a singlespeed!  I got four rides in on the lone geared bike and decided to make a final switch to a 32 front and 16 back gear tonight for the mostly flat 27 mile course.  Hopefully the course and my legs get along well together and I survive the race in a reasonable amount of time.  Either way I’m really excited for the opportunity to even go and give it a try!  Thanks again, Ryan! 🙂 

With originally no intentions of going singlespeed any time soon, I am still surprised how much I am enjoying the one geared scene already!  Its just such a different experience.  I thought I would not like it.. spinning out… grinding up hills, walking the bigger hills, but so far its all been just a lot of fun!  I cant tell you how many times I have attempted to ghost shift already.  I’m guessing that will stop after a while.. maybe. ha.  

hpim1089I can already tell I’m going to leave my paragon as a singlespeed for the winter.  I’m not interested to go all SS all the time, but I love having one aleady.   And while my 69er gets hung up and rests for the winter months, I still have my old 26″ Top Fuel to keep me content on the days I want my big or granny gear.  

Gotta go pack and get ready for our 8-10 hour drive tomorrow! Eh!  Post race report to follow!  🙂


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