The Winter Lecture Series Returns! By Jessie


wls_bret2Last night kicked off the 2nd Annual Winter Lecture Series at the Trek Shadyside store. Welcoming back Dr. Bret Goodpaster for a second year in a row, the Exercise Physiologist from the University of Pittsburgh gave a profoundly informational lecture on The Science of Bicycle Riding: Understanding How to Maximize Your Training

Beginning at 7pm, guests mingled and sipped on coffee and snacks as Dr. Goodpaster (an avid cyclist himself), covered topics like VO2Max, Lactate threshold, the difference between burning carbs or fat during a workout, and what types of workload your training should consist of per a specific sport. The Q&A continued for a full half hour after the lecture! Thank you Bret for a really informative, educational lecture!

For those of you who don’t know, the Winter Lecture Series continues with 5 more exciting lectures through Christmas. Next week should be a packed house with Pittsburgh’s new Bicycling/Pedestrian Coordinator, Stephen Patchan. The lecture is Pittsburgh’s Cycling Frontier: An evening with the coordinator, and is sure to bring alot of excitement to possible improvements to cycling infrastructure within the city. And of course, there will be an open Q&A afterwards with Bike PGH on hand for membership and initiative information also. See you there!


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