There’s no place like.. riding

winter-ride1Hi.  Non-biking life has way interfered with my internet time lately, so posting was completely bumped off the list for a while there.  Most of you may already know but I had a lot of life changes take place recently, which has really tossed me into a twilight zone or bizzarro world kinda feel.  Besides moving into a new place and going solo after so many years, I am even finishing up a project at work that I’ve been on for the last 18+ months, so all my “normal” has gone away these days.  Overwhelmed lately is putting it lightly.  No matter which way I turn it seems everything little thing is just so, so weird.  Except for ONE thing. 

winter-trail-rideNo matter how odd my life gets once I get clipped into my pedals and start rolling I truly feel at home.  I leave all the weirdness behind and just zone out on the trail ahead.  I love rolling over the rocks and roots, zig zag through the trees, spot some wildlife and pause to share a close encounter moment (what’s up!? no, you go ahead first. be safe little guys.)  I seriously do talk to the deer on occasion.. they look like they understand or want to say something back.. it amuses me.. and I don’t care what anyone says. ha.), I breathe the crisp and fresh air the winter months bring us, listen to the crunching of the hard and hopefully snowy and beautiful white ground, and for that short (or awesomely long) ride I am simply a cyclist.  No pressures, no worries, no awkward, no negative anything. (and even no bugs, spider webs or poison ivy this time of year either.. just heavenly.)  I am my own engine.  I proudly climb and decent the trails with more efficiency than ever, and feel the hopes and potential of next season already lingering in the air.    

My bikes are very much old friends to me now.  They do not place judgement or criticize, they do not run late or cancel our plans, but simply await for our next adventure together.   When all else fails there is truly no place like riding.


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  1. Posted by Mark *bro* on December 11, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    Great Blog


  2. Posted by Mark *bro* on December 11, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation. ‘

    I’ll moderate your comment!


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