Punk Bike Enduro via the Pony Express


When I found out about the costume contest at the punk bike enduro to win a Trek 69er (no freaking way!) I was immediately and whole heartedly on a mission.  With the help of a few amazingly wonderful friends I actually pulled it off!  AHH!!  It so feels like a dream… until I see the most beautiful shiny new bike sitting in my living room!  Ohhh my gosh!!  Excited!?  Thrilled!? Cloud nine!?  YEAH!! YEAH!! YEEEEAHHHHHAAAAA!!     A full ride report with a only a few technical difficulties and “the making of trekkie” to follow!  🙂

Thanks again Joyce Lynn and Jay!  Your the bestest ever!!


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  1. Posted by Jesse on December 15, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    OK, so maybe we aren’t the best of friends, but do I have to find out everything in you life through rumor and 3rd hand? MJ, with a blog! A Blog! I thought you thought only crazy people kept blogs!
    Well done in the Iceman and the ‘punk bike enduro’. It must have been hard riding as a, let me guess, a pinata? So great you won the 69er! You kids and your crazy lives! It’s all such great inspiration though; I may have to start thinking about a blog of my own, one day.


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