Punk Bike Pony Express Report

 2002-matt-monster1Here’s where the idea originated from… my boss’s “monster carrying him around” costume… fake legs are folding out of a cauldron attached to his front, a big monster guy was attached to his back, and his own legs in black pants looking like the monsters legs, so he totally looked like the monster was carrying him around all night… it was hilarious and brilliant!!  Maybe thats why he’s the boss.  So… a little chit chat… a little reminiscing (had to look up how to spell that crazy word) and TA DA!  The Pony Express is born!  Well, there is a little more to it than just that. 


the-making-of-trekkie13I contacted a (super, awesome) friend of mine (who just happens to be probably THEE craftiest person in the Eastern States!) and she is actually available and willing to help me out, I go over to her house Saturday, and a mere 7 hours later I am heading home, after a final pit stop to a 24 hour store (which was actually packed full with a MILLion people evidentally oblivious it was almost midnight on a saturday.. weird.) and found the last yet very important remaining detail, teeny tiny cowboy boots that I hot glued to the jeans Sunday morning.  OK, now the Pony Express is born!  

I was the unskilled labor and assisted when possible all Saturday stuffing horse parts, cutting yarn (aka hair), etc, so I could never, ever, ever have done it without Joyce and Jay!  I dont know how to repay them back just yet either.  (Sorry Joyce, but I’m keeping all my bikes.. we’ll work something out!)  So thats about it.  The ride went great with only a few adjustments needing made during the day.  Whoever invented zip ties gets a super big high five if I ever meet them! 

And lastly, a few YEE HAWs are in order to… Dirt Rag for another most excellent punk bike enduro, Michael Browne and Trek for ponying (yeah, intended! Ha!) up the most beautiful Trek 69er for the contest, Joyce and Jay (OF COURSE!), Google for accidentally directing me to the contest post, my boss, Matt, for the terrific costume ideas, my mom (because you always gotta thank your mom!) and last but never least, the judges that voted for me.. Cheers!

A few more photos before I go…
























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