Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

No, not to go skiing! (crazy talk!)  Winter bike rides rule!  Weeeeee!!!   Riding in the snow is my FAVorite kind of biking and there is some predicted for this week again!  Yipee!  Its beautiful.. slippy fun.. peaceful.. itch free.. bug and spider web free.. you can always overdress and remove layers as necessary.. crazy hot summer temps (blach!) are just gross in so many ways… and some of the bestest group rides are found only in the winter!!  I’m looking forward to starting up a more regemented schedule in the next week or so.. 2009 racing is fast approaching and I’m way excited!  I just need to catch up with TJ who has been my training / coaching bud for the last few summers.  If you need some advice I recommend him… as long as it doesnt intefere in my TJ time!  Ha!   

A few weeks ago I meet up with CB for a wintery wonderland North Park night ride.  Both my lights ended up buggin’ out because of the cold temps and we decided to just loop the roads for a little bit since we were there and ready to go.  The snow ended up being so gorgeous and bright that we decided to try a trail out and see if its manageable.  NOT only was it rideable but we looped the entire park, hour and a half ride, starting at 7pm in the dark with NO LIGHTS!  The snow was just perfect and beautiful and totally had our backs in a most fabulous winter ride!  We couldnt believe it. Each time we would pause for a moment one or both of us couldnt help but say “This is SO awesome!”  I think I freaking smiled the whole ride.  Good, good times!!  Below are two of my favorite winter pics.

The snow plow just rolled past.  Big help on the slippy climb…


Lots of snow that day! Spring mud is cake after rides like this! 


AND… HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Cheers to the best one yet!


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