2009.. decisions, decisions!

2009 race schedules are starting to appear and it’ll soon be time to decide what I want to do this season!  The Mohican 100K was such an awesome time last year.  Six Hours of Power is a race I never want to miss.  I have thoughts and daydreams of trying a Nue race.  My first experience of 24 hours of seven springs last year will not be my last!   Michaux!   Period!   The Mid Atlantic Super Series is full of awesome trails and awesome people!  So far, but always so worth the trip!  West Virginia is always truly so wild and wonderful its mind boggling, the Ohio OMBC series continues to get bigger and better each season and the list does not end there.  Funfunfun!!!!
Time to pull out the calendar, write down all the race schedules and try to line up some goals for the year.  Its hard to decide.. try more longer endurance.. stick to the shorter but intense xc.. mix it up.. ohh, what to do, what to do!?  I love the feeling I already have just thinking about all of them.  Seeing all my super awesome race friends!  The nervousness!  The excitement!  Pushing myself to the limits!  Zig zagging through so many great trails!  Amazingly beautiful nooks and crannies of the world so few people truly get to appreciate like we do!   Do you feel it!?   I can feel it!  AHHHH!!

Now I just need to be able to afford it and get my butt out there.  haha!   With the many changes in my life, including losing my main racing travel bud / boyfriend, it will definitely be a little harder making it to as many races as we have in the past, but I intend to put forth good efforts.  Keep the priorities in check.  Save the funds for race registrations and travel expenses.   Pre-plan well enough in advance to find race buds to carpool.  I have faith it’ll be a great, great summer!   See you out there!

CHRIS-EATOUGH-and-mj-post-08 mohican100

You dont get pictures like this sitting at home! Sa-weet!


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