Winter Rockstars

Ok, for whatever reason “rockstar” is definitely my word of choice right now and that is exactly what we were yesterday attempting to rule the trails at North Park!  With the Friday heat wave I was hoping it melted some of the thick snow away and our ride would have been perfect, but plenty of sneaky icey spots and unrideable thick snow awaited our arrival instead.  What’s up with that, trails?  Did you think that would stop us!?  Nevaaa!!!   Even from the get go as we all rolled up and out of the parking lot the entire first road we hit was a complete sheet of ice.  A mutual “whoaa.. ooo.. holy..iccssssss!” started as we simultaneously realized the scene.  Only one casualty in that instance.  THUD!  Then we anxiously await for either laughter or wimpers to decide if we can laugh and point or need to assist our friend back up.


(winter rockstars included: my big mellon, LaurenM, TimM, DougR, TimH)

For such a cold day it was awesome to get our small group together and share the experience.  Another reason I have such a love for the winter ride scene.  You just dont get that much hang out time through the summer.. well, sure you see all your riding buds, but its a different kind of fun now and I love it.  After an hour of riding, which may normally have only taken 25 minutes we all regrouped and I couldnt pass up the urge for a snow angel on the perfectly smooth parking lot.  My camelbak kept my torso up off the ground, but the snow angel turned out pretty well overall… until Lauren went to add a smiley face and it looked back at us all creepy-like.. ehh.. um.. lets just go now. haha.


We continued to slip and slide and unwillingly walk through the uncooperative but beautiful woods and finally decided to finish up on the road since the trails were basically winning this battle.  The road along the North ridge was gated closed and also snow/ice covered, so even staying out of the trails left for a pretty technical ride.  Onto the long downhill back to the lake and two more casualties on the icey road.  A hard fall and a slide out.. THUD!  PSHHH!   I cringe as I watch from the back of the group, but thankfully everyone was okay.  We decend back to the lake and totally freeze our as$es off getting back to the cars. (no exaggeration! my butt still felt cold when i got home 2 hours later. haa!)  3 hours of ride time and just under 12 miles (not including the neverending spin outs of course) and we’re all pretty tuckered and ready to chow.  We finished off the superb day with hot drinks, hot eats and lots of laughs.  Can it get any better than that?  I personally dont think so.  Thanks for coming out everyone!  Good, good times! 🙂


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