U know those mucinex snot parties? yeah thats me.

I started feeling sick last Wednesday night / Thursday morning.  I know I should be glad its now and not in the middle of race season, which has happened to me several times, but I’m ready for it to be over now.  I cant believe I missed out going for a bike ride in the 40 degree weather this past Sunday. (boo  hoo, sniffle, cough cough cough, ugh)  However, I couldnt completely pass up getting outside and treated myself to a hike in the single track since I wasnt up to pedalling through it.   I started out with my mp3 rocking out thinking it would help give me a good pace, but I actually found it slightly annoying and opted to shut it off and enjoy the quiet of the woods, crunching snow, occasional tree swaying and crackling and the whistling winds.  Doesnt that sound lovely?  It was.  It was great to get out and get some fresh air.. the air that could make its way into my clogged sinuses.  Of course, I would have MUCH rather been on my bike, but at least I felt good enough to get out even for just a little bit.  A few photos from the gorgeous day.  I hope to be on my wheels again soon. 



02-01-09-snowball fight


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