The Cathedral of BLURGing!

Cathedral If you are from or familiar with Pittsburgh you are probably familiar with the University of Pittsburgh and the Cathedral of… ok, its “LEARNING” to be accurate, but if you decided to climb the stairs multiple times for a workout you’d be dropping a few BLURGs too.  If you have time definitely check out the link above and all the photos.  The cathedral is truly an amazing building and I’m pleased I got to rock out in there for a few years.  I graduated from PITT in 2000 (wow, that seems so long ago now.  hmm.)  I had classes throughout the building and the commons area was a favorite spot of mine to kick back and study.  Ohh college.. how I so dont miss you.

I’ve heard about the crazy people that walked the steps for exercise since I went to school there, but never imagined I’d become one of them.  All the stairwells have the warning signs.  Literally, “warning!” signs telling people that the stairs are not to be used for physical activities, but.. yeah.. whatever!   So last night me and my rock star friend, LA headed down for a little pain and suffering.  I was hesitant and concerned at what I was getting myself into, but heading down with LA made it a smidge more fun (yeah, only a smidge cuz thats the maximum amount of fun you have at such an occasion) and I trusted she wouldnt steer me wrong.  Sure pain was on the horizon, but the survival rate to this is very high and I was optimistic I would make it home to see Harry and Sally again. 

I quickly realized that, yup, this is totally going to suck just as much as I anticipated, but I’m not a quitter and would stick it out for a while since I was already down there and all.  I am happy to say I survived this monumental task five times.. and also learned a few things about what happens when I attempt to walk a henious amount of stairs:

1.  my heart rate actually maintained at a higher level than most of my races.  who knew steps were so so evil!

2.  i got sausage link fingers by climb / lap 2, so keep the hands up or pay the price.  but all parts of me were straight jacked!

3.  there is officially a fat girl living inside of me and at times like this she is screaming for me to PLEASE STOP! OMG!  STOP!!

4.  i am somewhat of an endurance athlete because it got a teeny tiny bit less awful the longer we were climbing.

5.  stay on the inside!  make that route as effn short as possible! 

6.  i can rock out some vertigo in a stair well.

7.  PITT needs to invest in some swiffers like nobody’s business.

8.  i will forever heart the cathedral of learning.. evil or not.

9.  LA is truly the super woman i have always thought her to be.

10. i cant believe i’m going to type this, but.. i’d do it again.


2 responses to this post.

  1. OMG! Woman! You Effin ROCK!


  2. I actually hope we do that again sooner than later. Weird. We could rock out Everest one day if we felt like it. The sky is our limit! hahaa! 🙂


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