Training? Too much? Too little? I dunno.

Attempting to figure out where that line is frustrates me.  I will go from a continuous feeling that I am behind on my training expectations and then hit an exhaustion wall and want to take the next three days off.   This ping pong decision making tends to go on pretty consistently in my gray matter. 


I maintain a somewhat regemented training schedule.  I will forever say “somewhat” because I will drop a ride or workout if an important non-biking obligation comes up.  Thats how I roll.  Cycling and racing is super important to me, but family and friends trumps when necessary.   I’m fine with that and maintain my ping pong juggling act as I (most of us) always do. 

So this past week I felt great… and ended up over training a pinch.  Whoops!  oh well.  I felt good.  I was excited I felt so good!   Now this week should be my toughest workout week this month and…  I’m tuckered!  Pooey!   Should I have shortened the awesome Sunday ride in regards to my training schedule?  But the ride was freaking awesome!  Perfectly crunchy trails, a great group of riding buds, I dressed right, my legs felt great!   Am I’m supposed to cut it short cuz I already met my goal for the week… uhh.. umm…  seriously?  I will never ask that of myself.  Great rides supersede training regements supersedes slacker riding supersedes no riding.. um, yeah.  It will never be just training to me.  I heart cycling! 

So I started this weeks miles last night and yeah, I’m tuckered.  Legs felt sluggish.  Heavy.  I craved more gears and so wanted to spinspinspin versus grind up the hills as I’ve been doing so often these days.  Am I overdoing it?  Am I going to be blown out before July!?  Or is this how you feel when you attempt to pick it up a notch and hope to improve!?  But I’m tiiiiiirrrrrred!   Ohhhh, the madness of it all… but I dooooo love it!    

So who the heck knows!  As much as I crave to do really well this season, my number one priority will always and forever be to have a most fabulouso, kick ass, rock star of a good time racing!   Unless you are someone like the beautiful Chris Eatough, isnt that why we’re all there?  Ride on! 🙂


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  1. Posted by heasleyamend on February 28, 2009 at 7:45 am

    i love this photo!


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