36 Floors = 764 Steps, 12 climbs = 1 verticle mile

Ok, so I have not accomplished this “verticle mile”, but its totally on my to do list now.  After my first experience of the cathedral stairs just a few weeks ago I have since become somewhat addicted to this maddening task.  Last week I did 10 climbs in 2 hours.  Last night I did another 5 (intending a shorter workout for the night).   I went by myself and forgot my MP3 player in my cycling jacket.. doh!  What a drag.  I can always live without the music going for a jog or ride, but walking a boring, dusty, echo filled flight up steps by yourself over and over and over… ehh!   I was thrilled to run into a few of the Steel City Endurance girls after my third climb!   Carol, Kate and Stacey were getting in a few climbs of their own and I was very happy to tag along for the next one.   I didnt get to chat much as it takes all of my focus to keep climbing and not trip, but I did notice the group got completely silent at floor 20.. haha.  We quickly parted ways though as they were finished for the night, and once I was solo again the fairly boring activing reached BOOORRRRRING and I was happy to call it a night at 5.   So after a few more efforts under my belt I have a few more random thoughts to share, of course…



1. the cathedral elevators are called the WESTINGHOUSE SELECT-O-MATIC.  Thats funny to me and makes me think of the Jetson’s.

2. when descending in elev #8, right when you pass floor 14 the elevator makes a henious zapping like noise that sounds like an electronic duck is being murdered.

3. when i started up climb 8 last week i saw one, solo edamame bean on the steps and it took every ounce of will power not to pick it up.  that pod is totally a protective outter coating to the safely kept delicious soy beans inside!  got salt?

4. dont look at the floor numbers.  DON’T DO IT!

5. climbing the steps around 6pm can be a social hour with a ridiculous number of people doing the same thing.  we’re all idiots!

6. climbing these stairs is the only time i have found myself in the university honors college.  oh well.

7. my climbs are averaging 9.5 minutes and it can take anywhere from 2-4.5 minutes to get back to the ground level.

8. when someone else is heavin’ and ho’in up the stairs their breathing completely surrounds you and you have no idea where they are at.  its kind of funny and creepy at the same time.

9. last night i chatted with a guy waiting for the elevator who just did a 4.20 climb.. then a girl showed up with a 6 minute climb.  holy hardcore!

10. i’m going for the verticle mile next week!  maybe.


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