Pittsburgh BELLAs & the Race to Anyplace!

The Pittsburgh BELLAs made their debut this weekend!  BELLAs = Biking Enthusiastic Ladies Loving Adventures, or Beauties, whichever you prefer.  We did not claim victory at our first race together, but we did have a sweet, sweet time tryin’!  6 hours of indoor spinning.  15 minute intervals between riders.  196+ miles completed.  Priceless!  Full race report to follow…

(Lauren Mika, Kelly Ayers, MJ, Lee Ann Beatty, Charlene Walters) BELLAs READY SET GO!


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  1. Posted by john benham on September 22, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    It would be nice if there were more ladies into cycling in the Pittsburgh area to give these ladies a little more competition. There were two teams at the big bear race, so it’s pretty easy to podium in the female categories. If this were Colorado, it would be a different story for this team of recreational riders.


    • Hmm.. everyone has an opinion, but I’m confident we are more than recreational riders, Thanks anyway.


      • Posted by Dustin Wehler on September 22, 2009 at 4:14 pm

        recreational riders.. that is a new one.. i but i can promise i’ve only seen these ladies ride recreationally ONCE in my life… and that was only because they didn’t want to make the boys look too bad. let me tell you, these ladies are the REAL DEAL. i was witness to the hard core nature at Big Bear – and giving credit where due – they beat a team that wasn’t very recreational but pretty hard care themselves.

        when these women were turning laps around 10 minutes slower then the many of the FAST men at the race you know its no joke.

        john, you are correct in one part though, it is a shame there aren’t more ladies involved in cycling in the pittsburgh area.. aside from that, call your mother and tell her you need your mouth washed out with soap because you are dead wrong by calling the bella anythng but the REAL DEAL. the only thing that could stop these ladies in colorado would be the thin air.. speaking of which, maybe some of that lack of O2 got to your brain and caused you to be a little foggy in your thinking..

        Bellas, just remember, ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge, learning, or information. now he has been educated so any more talk like this is just stupidity..

        with much love,

    • “If this were Colorado, it would be a different story for this team of recreational riders”, says the FAT GUY.



  2. “recreational riders?” I’d really like to see what backup you have for that. ALL three of those women race expert, have done really tough races in the are, and show up to COMPETE EVERY TIME! You wanna talk about big bear? Ok. 2 teams, you are right. 2 teams that slugged it out until the final lap. It wasn’t some landslide victory or like beating on the weak. It was a race… Seven Springs, let’s chat about that now. I believe there were 5 womens’ teams. These 3 women rode against some kick ass riders from out east ( Michaux state forest area) and won. Let’s me rephrase that……. They won a 4 person team category with 3 people. Check that, 2.75 people. MIchelle had a prior engagement and was able to show up around 6:30pm that evening. To say they had no competition when they only won by about 12 minutes is an understatement. Oh , and they put a hurtin on a LOT of mens’ teams in both ofthose races. How do I know? I was there for both of them. I’ll go further…. Lauren, one of the three on the 7 springs team, just won the Mohican 12hr duo race this weekend with her man, Tim Mould. They won by 1 minute. I could go on all day about all three of these women and their race resumes, but I don’t need to. It’s very easy for you to sit back, call them “recreational riders” and get away with it. Well, I’m not letting you because you speak about them and their accomplishments when you have no basis to do so. Also, what good does it do you to attempt to tear down something they have done? I’m not sure what feeling that evokes in you, but it can’t be good. I venture to say you don’t know them, have ever ridden with them, and might have difficulty keeping up if you did. But hey, I don’t know you so I’ll stop there. To say the competition in Colorado would be different is completely arbitrary. Of course it would be different. But, it would be different in Arizona, California, West Virginia, and so on and so forth. Sure, I bet there are faster women than these three out there, there’s always someone faster no matter where you are. But, they showed up, really rocked it out, and came home with the wins……. Your comment is filled with a lot of “ifs”….. I’ll leave you with one “if”…… If the queen had balls, she’d be the king…..


  3. I’m almost speechless. Thanks Todd and Dustin. So kind of you.. 🙂 And if that is the actual John Benham on FB, then his opinion which I originally thought he had every right to is now so invalid because he has NO CLUE about our racing world, here. in Colorado or anywhere. Now I must go start my own protest in town somewhere (hey, everybody’s doin it!) and protest this John Benham be allowed to reside in Pittsburgh. Get out John Benham! Go ride a bike to Colorado! Moahh haaa haaaaa!!


  4. Posted by Mikey W on September 23, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    I don’t think these ladies were riding beach combers with baskets holding their little dogs which would warrant the term “recreational” rider. Anyone who chooses to ride in a bike race, let alone one that lasts 24 hours, is most certainly not recreational. Not only that but they will ride any bike at any time. The “Race to Any Place” is a 6 hour relay ride on a TRAINER so I have a really hard time believing that anyone other than a serious cyclist would want to do this.
    There do need to be more females involved in cycling in Pittsburgh but I can assure you beyond the shadow of a doubt that these women will be who they chase then that does happen. This team of women consistently compete with and dominate many of the male teams in this area and that is not just on a Mountain Bike and on occasion, when they are short a rider or two.
    Any true fan of a sport would commend a fellow athlete on accomplishments like those that the BELLAs have made but I guess that is just how you roll out there in Colorado. It isn’t often you find a group of people that are this good at a sport and compete in it this well just because they love it.



  5. Posted by Lauren on September 23, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    As I read through MJ’s blog, every post is awesomely positive in every aspect. Props are given to every team, rider and race she has ever ridden on, with or against. She even manages to put a positive spin on puking on her glove and riding one of the most treacherous trails I have ever ridden with no light!! I LOVE my bellas and we have a rediculously good time racing and riding as hard as we can. Mr. Benham, get your negative vibes off MJ’s blog!! I’m very sorry if we intimidate you, but it’s no reason to talk trash about something you obviously know nothing about. Hit us up if you would like to go for a recreational ride some time!!!


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