Daylight Savings. ARE YOU READYYYY!?

daylight-saving-time-clocksIts baaaaack!  Do you agree with it!?  Seems there is a ton of controversy with this event and I can understand why.  Is it not completely maddening to try and change your schedule so suddenly like that!?  Goodness, gracious!  It hurts me.  I have also given up coffee for lent so this next week will undoubtedly be a true test of my faith!  If ever a time where the tastey cup o’ joe is a most appreciated companion.. it is now.  (wimper)

On a happier side our days are getting longer. Weeee!  I’ve been having trouble with my bike lights, so that will help things some.  But as these longer days and warmer temps bring the rain and plenty of mud, what follows lots of MUD?  Lots of maintenance.  With our Spring thaw fast approaching now is the perfect time to make sure you bikes are in working condition!  Do not wait until you want to head out for a ride one day only to find it not functioning.  What a downer!  Get it serviced now and have it ready to go.  Anxiously waiting like a puppy ready for a walk. Ok, ok, 69er.. lets go!  Hee hee! 🙂

Trek of Pittsburgh has shops all over Sixburgh to help yinz get ready for your next ride!  Shadyside, Robinson, Cranberry and TRM in the South Hills.  Go and give your bike the t.l.c. is so deserves and you can both appreciate it next time you head out for a spin.  After 10+ years of avid cycling I still give my bikes to the shop mechanics for the much needed love.  They are the experts and I want my bikes running smoothly when I’m out on the trails!  I know my role.  See you out there!


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