Pain is weakness…

a. trying to talk you out of whatever it is your doing; knock it off already!

b. reminding you maybe you’re not as tough as you thought or would like to be.

c. leaving the body.

d. all of the above.

Feel free to choose your own answer.  I’m not one to judge.  I tend to roll with the all of the above idea.  Sometimes I love the pain and seriously thrive off of it like its a drug or something.  I’d ASSume that everyone active in sports and/or racing can relate and its not just me.  Other times I feel like I must be mis-wired because I dont know why I do such painful activities.  One good example is the cathedral stairs.  I would have never guessed that I would borderline enjoy this crazy task.  Its inside (usually I ONLY play outside!) and stuffy and borderline insanity-causing!   “I SEE DUST BUNNIES!” 

cathedral-of-learning-stairs-looking-upI still have yet to accomplish the verticle mile (12 climbs) I have already referenced in a previous post, and now I’m unsure I’ll do it before the race season.  With the warmer temps (which could drop below freezing at any moment apparently with the indecisive weather we’ve been having) the already warm stairwell was a bloody nightmare of a inferno this past week.  I stopped Tuesday night again for a short workout, and I couldnt get out of there fast enough once I was done.  I must have sweated out a few pints in just over an hour workout.  Seriously, Pitt!?  The radiators are running and its a freakin’ sauna in there!  The madness!  (voice of some university executive suited guy: Whaat!? Turn the heat down or OFF?  Let’s just raise tuition again.. moahh haa haaaa!)   

Now I’m onto my next spring time venture..  hill repeats.  Oh you (adjective of choice)  hills!  Just waiting there. Laughing at me. Ya big jerks!  Whatev!  I’m totally going to keep climbing until I’M the one laughing.. HAHAHAA….  HA!  But right now I’m all owwwiee and coughcoughcough!!  My legs and lungs are on fire and I once again reference the multiple choice question above and ponder my answer this time.  But with the race season fast approaching (besides feeling SUPER DUPER excited!) I am trying to get slightly more regemented with my training.  I definitely dont do them strictly for the fun factor.  Come on.  We’ve all heard it… NO PAIN.. yup.

Sixburgh is jam packed full of hills, so its not a matter of finding them, but picking which ones you wanna play and/or suffer on.  If your up for the biggest and bestest challenge around the ‘Burgh, that gotta be the Dirty Dozen.  This is yet another task I have yet to accomplish or even attempt.  Hopefully 2009 is the year I’ll finally give it a swirl!  (maybe)

Ride on.. 🙂


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