Lost: MJ’s Mojo. If found please call…

032209-mj-kennerdellSometimes it really doesnt take much to lose your mojo or be quickly humbled by a simple mistake on trail.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.   I was climbing up some single track at Kennerdell.  The mountain climbed up to my right side and dropped down on my left.   No cliffs or anything too crazy, but its good to just stay focused on the trail ahead either way.  The trail was not very technical at all either.  A few bumps and roots.  I followed behind my riding buds, Tim and Jason, and was slowly spinning my way up when I managed to shift my weight to the left too far.. oopsy.. this is bad.  

I had unconsciously unclipped my foot, but I quickly realized it didnt matter.  There was no ground to dab.  The hillside was too steep and I was going down.  I’m thinking it was fairly graceful as I rolled over my shoulder, ditched the bike at the first tree and went into my second somersault.   The next tree was the issue.  In an effort to save my face and / or teeth I got my hand up just in time to back hand the next tree and quickly came to a stop after that.  Ohhh, thats gonna leave a mark!   I considered jumping up into the perfect dismount landing position, but the guys were no where to be seen (or to enjoy my scene) and I believe my weight was still aiming downhill so trying to get up was anything but quick or graceful. 

I cannot remember the last time I felt so much pain on trail (excluding my somewhat legendary first accident and trip to the e.r.)  and it totally interfered with my fun factor yesterday.  What a downer.   Once we got moving I could forget about the pain and focus on the ride and trail ahead, but whenever we stopped the throbbing was pretty henious and I was straight rocking out a “whiney girl” role yesterday.  My bad.  I didnt mean to.. it just sorta happened! 

032209-courtesy of tim heck photography

So today I think I’m going to wake up with a hamburger helper hand (which really did happen to me once when I got stung by a bee on my knuckle)  but nope, it doesnt even look bruised!  Holy crap, how lame is that!?  I expected major sympathy and story telling to be had all day today at work.  woahh, michelle!  what happened!?  are you okay!?   but my hands are of equal size AND color and I would have to have people approach and look closely to even see any swelling or brusing at all!  Lame!   A few more sore spots have been discovered since yesterday, but nothing worth extreeeme story telling at the office.

Overall, I am really grateful it wasnt anything worse and merely a few bumps and bruises.  That is to be expected in this sport.  I do feel the need to head out on my own this week for a long and joyous solo ride now.  Maintain my own speed, technical difficulties, trial and errors.  Become one with the trail again and make sure I locate my mojo while I’m out there.

PS.. I’m loving the above photo.  Courtesy of my ride leader and bud, Timmy Heck, one of the Cranberry T.O.P mechanics.  Nice riding with you again Tim.. 🙂


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