1st ’09 Mingo Road Race.. kicks my butt again.

So I wake up Sunday morning before my alarm clock even goes off to the heavy rain.  I briefly think “I’m totally not racing today”, roll back over and zzzzz.  Soon enough my alarm clock beeps and I decide to get up, check out the predicted weather and radar, and figure out what I’m doing.  Radar looks clear for the race start time and I also eyeball a few status updates on facebook of attendees. I’m going!

I’m racing on pavement today, 6 laps, 28 miles total, one double decker jerk of a hill, the rest pretty fast and rolling.  10 ladies lined up to the chilly start line.  I was a bundle of excitement and nerves as usual and didnt know what the heck to expect for the day.  I think it was the third lap before Betsy (Canondale) decided to pull away from the group.  Gray (Pro Graphics) quickly followed and Patty (Steel City Endurance) tagged along too.  Pretty much in a flash they were gone and the rest of us just maintained our pace and knew there was no hope to chase them down.  SEE YA!  As we crested the hill our group completely spread out one in front of the other maybe 20 yards apart.  Just enough to see each other but feel NO kind of love.. ugh!  “oh no are we all going to maintain this!?”  I immediately felt separation anxiety.  This will be no kind of fun without a group.. or at least one other bud to share the work.. experience.. pain.  Thankfully five of us pulled back together through the rest of the lap and stayed together until the end.   

We all kept together through the final climb and onto the back side of the final lap.  It was the right turn were Timmy Lyons was marshalling (Thanks Tim and everyone who volunteered!) where Rachel (Steel City Endurance) gunned it and was pulling off the front.  I really “thought” I was going to keep with her.  We maintained fairly close through the fast, fast stretch of road.  Barb (Steel City Endurance) came around me at one point and caught up to Rachel.  It was then I noticed the evident gap.  Oh man.  Rachel and Barb started to float away as we approach the final straight away to the finish.   I was still with Pam (Steel City Endurance again!) and Tiffany (aka “red”) and we roll up that final little jerk of a hill that is just enough to suck all your momentum outta ya and spit you out onto the flat, but head winds filled final stretch.  Pam pulls in front of me and closes the gap catching Rachel and Barb.  Pooey!  I soo just go dropped (again!)!  My legs were in more pain than I truly expected for the day.  They just felt sooo fatigued.  Those Steel City girls made it look so easy and I could have shed a tear.. ohhh.. it hurrrts.. cant.. catch.. them.. ehhhhhh.. allllmoooost done.. dont.. cramp.. now.. where.. the hell.. is Gary!!  (official at finish line).  I make my way to the finish line and couldnt be happier its over! 

First race in for the season and I am reminded why I love, love, la-huuv mountain biking so much!  I’ll take eatting some dirt over road grim any day!  It was a good, good time to get out there and catch up with some awesome ladies, but I am very excited for my first mountain bike race this coming Saturday!  My heart belongs in the woods!  If I’m not a lazy butt on Sunday I hope to make the next Mingo race also and see how much they can school and hurt me again.  I’ll let you know! 🙂


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