Much to write about, not enough time.

I had a most fabulous weekend starting with a road trip to Marysville (just outside of Harrisburg), PA for the Mid Atlantic Super Series Relay race.  Oh my good stuff!  4 hour race, 4 person teams, riders must alternate each lap, GO!  What a well organized, rush of a good time!   Then I woke up today for my 2nd attempt at the Mingo road race series.  I’m super pleased that I actually felt good and was happy with my performance.  Still finished somewhere around 8th outta 12 girls, but there was a seriously strong line up of ladies today and I did my best.  That’s all I can do. 

Now I’m packing up and ready to hitch a flight outta town tomorrow.  I got a passport for the first time in my life.  I’m leaving the laptop here, bikes get to rest for the week, yoga mat in tow and I’m flying solo to a little place called paradise.  I’ll be sure to snap a few photos while I’m there.  See you in a week.  😉


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