Single Speed it in-style

sss_writeupAlot of us are looking for that next big thing or that brand new something to whip us into shape. Enter Gary Fisher’s limited edition carbon 29er singlespeed frame set. Yep, the oh-so-popular Superfly 29er that you probably see buzzing around the woods of Hartwood or North Park has shed a few pounds (and gears) and is available as a single speed frame set complete with horizontal dropouts. But only for an extremely limited time. Our Trek stores were lucky enough to be 1 of the 3 dealers in the entire U.S. to get a handful of these frame sets.

I jumped on this opportunity and picked up a 17.5″ to work on my cadence and upper body cycling strength this summer. Talking to many of my riding friends that own single speeds, the consensus is the same – riding a single speed will make you stronger, faster, skinnier, and more agile. Apparently they’re pretty darn quiet too, what with no grinding gears and no SRAM chain slapping against your bike’s frame while bombing a down hill. My frameset came with a Bontrager Race X Lite stem, F29 RLC custom G2 geometry front fork from Fox Racing Shox (which retails for over $1000 by itself!), seatpost clamps, and hose guides galore. This thing is gorgeous. And with a life time warranty on the frame, this lightweight baby is going to go everywhere with me. Pictures of the DT Swiss/Chris King custom wheelset coming soon.

Seriously, if you’re considering a single speed…jump on this great opportunity. Only a handful of people besides the Gary Fisher 29er crew will ever own these. Click on the picture for details on securing one of the last Superfly Single Speeds.


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