MASS – Marysville Relay Race Report

Better late than never, right?  I’ve been a busy girl, but still want to share my post race report for my first mtb race of ’09  Weeeeeee!  Friday, April 3rd, we (Moi, Lee Ann Beatty, Lauren Mika & Tim Mould) headed East to the town of Marysville, PA for the… ok, ready for this (deeeep breath) the International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Universe Including the Anti Matter One (There That Should About Cover It).  (gasp!)  My first mountain biking, team relay, Mid Atlantic Super Series, overnight road trip, awesomely good time of a race for 2009!  If this is a sign of how my season is going to go I am freaking pumped!  You can check out the details if you want with the link above, but the jist of it was four-person teams, 4 hours of racing, approximately a 3 mile lap, riders must rotate each lap, how many can you do, GO!  I can describe the race as fast, aggressive, tough, muddy, dry, climbing, flats, twisty, rooting and exhilarating!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  It feels so good!  Ironically I am hoping to improve on my endurance races for this season and I decide to hit up a 3 mile lap sprint fest.  That’s funny!  Another awesome thing about this race is that I am not even sure where we placed still and I couldnt care less.  I have no idea how we did overall.  The whole day revolves around having a freakishly good time and I’m pretty sure that everyone there did just that.  Normally there is that rule of thumb that no matter how rock star an event can be, how super duper, over the top awesome, someone gotta be a craphead out there, but in all honesty, I think EVERYone there had a blast.  Well done VisitPA, Cadence Cycling and all the awesome people involved to make it all happen!

We set up our “pit area” right along side part of the course, so we could see our teammates ride through and after the first lap we had an idea of how much time we had left for the next rider to get over to the start/finish line.  I’m pretty sure 99% of the teams had pop up tents, sweet cozy set ups, temporary homes for the next few hours… and we had one table and one chair.  The table works as the wheel cover in the back of the CRV so no pre-planning was required, and LA says she always keeps the chair in her car for such occasions.  I was completely entertained with our lack of preparation, but it didnt matter.  It was pretty windy and chilly through the day, so any time to simply soak up the sun was a great way to warm up a little bit in between laps, so pop-up tent, smop up tent!  Who needs ya!?  (we totally got lucky with the sunny weather… whhhewww!) 


I got 3 laps in for the day, so when we realized LA was probably going to have to do a 4th lap just a few minutes before the 4th hour hit I decided to (try to) keep her company and tag along for the additional ride time and just have a fun time together.  As soon as we told Lauren she quickly agreed on the idea so we all decided to ride out the last lap together.  Sweet!  One problem… we couldnt keep up with LA!  LOL!   We bolted down the road, up the first climb into the single track and she dropped us in no time.  LA and Lauren headed on trail to the right and I quickly realized “I can totally short cut here” so I ducked left and waiting for them to loop around. Heh heh heh!  LA continued to rock it out as Lauren and I struggled to keep up.  Once we passed the pit area Tim joined the group and in theory we all enjoyed the last lap together.. in reality I short cutted all over the place, Lauren joined me at one point and we still never actually caught up before she finished the race.  Oh well it was a nice idea.. hahahaha. 


I can confidently say we all had such a fun time at the race and road trippin it together.  I totally love racing and I totally love my friends.  Good, good freaking times!  The “Pittsburgh BELLAs and Tim” crushed it!  Maybe.  Not really.  Who cares!  I’d do it again tomorrow.  (Only thing I would change: Ivy Block!) Let the race season begin!!  (itch, scratch, already? Blurg!)  See you out there.  🙂



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