TOP Ladies could host your in-store cycling event!

So as I sit here at my desk, waiting for returning phone calls and artwork proofs to land in my inbox, my mind usually wanders into thinking about how the Trek stores can help You, the cyclist. In case you didn’t know, my screen name “Heasleyamend” is me, Jessie… marketing girl for the Trek bicycle stores in Pittsburgh. Just in case you were reading previous entries on product, sales, or photoshop stuff wondering, “who is this?”. 

p1011040OK so here it is: if you belong to a club, team, group, or organization and are looking for an informational cycling event, submit a sponsorship request form on the Trek of Pgh website and the ladies from Trek could quite possibly host your own private event! If you’ve ever been to one of the many events that we host – Winter Lecture Series, Ladies Night Out, Trek/GF Demo Day – you know what we can do! I started rolling with this idea after a good customer contacted Tanya and I, winter lecture seriesasking if we could do something for her cycling club. Tanya and I put our heads together, knocked a few ideas around, and will be hosting an introductory lecture to road cycling to 25 women in just a few weeks. So check out the stores’ website (new photos coming soon!!!) and fill out the sponsorship form.


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