2009 WVMBA1 (Big Bear), OMBC2 (Vultures), MINGO3

Attention all racers!  A few nice racing options for this weekend are lined up.  The Ohio Mountain Biking Championship Series (OMBC) is having their second race of the year at Vulture’s Knob Saturday evening at 5pm.  I seriously love it there.  Lots of bridges and other obstacles to distract you along the way.  Super fun!  I recommend you take your IVY BLOCK!  If memory serves me right (which has really been failing me this week) the trails got plenty of the devil plant linger about.  You’ve been warned!  

On Sunday, West Virginia Mountain Biking Association (WVMBA) season opener is this Sunday at Big Bear Lake in Bruceton, WV!   I just love West Viriginia!  Truly so wild and wonderful!   I’m pretty heart broken that I will not be in attendance at either of these.  Non-biking life has totally conflicted with this schedule and I will be staying in the Burgh this weekend.  Bummer.  Please go, have a wonderful time and let me know how it went! 

A local pavement option is the Mingo Road Series has its third and final race of the season.  I hope the weather is fairly decent for Sunday and this will be the first year I actually make the whole Mingo series.  Maybe.  Predictions call for some yucky weather compared to last weekend, but I’m hoping to get my butt out there either way.  We’ll see. 

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Don’tcha hate when life gets in the way? Totally forgot there was a Collegiate Road Race in Clarksburg WV this weekend 😦


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