ACA Crit put a hurtin’ on me.

I am reminded the crit is no easy task.  Surrrre, its only 25 half mile laps… surrrre its only a 40 minute race.  No big…. GO!  AHHH!  ok, find your groove mj and stick with it.  where is it?  nope, not there.. nooo.. did i bring it!?  heck, i didnt notice this head wind on my warm up!   gosh, these girls are fast for the beginning of the season!   pooey, there goes the front girls (LA, Whitney and Gray) off the front!  boy, my legs feel heavy!   cramp!  one of those high up in the ribs, gotta take shorter breaths cramps.  what the poo!?  I dont cramp on my bike.  Goodness gracious this feels slightly un-fun!  did i just make that word up?  focus, mj, focus!   

Rachel, Kate, Anne Marie, Tammy, Stacie and I worked together and rotated through laps.  Coming up the front side on the slight incline to the start/finish I definitely lagged behind some each lap and struggled to keep on the wheel ahead.  Then around the bend and down the back side each time I had to close a small gap again and again.  I just didnt have the gusto.  I think we lost a few riders at some point and spread out some, but by the end of the race we were all back together again, working together, rotating through.  That can be a lot of fun, but I swear I must of had this awful, mouth open, possibly drooling, i cant handle the truth expression on my face the ENTIRE time.  Boy, that was tough!  What is that rule of thumb or way of thinking in training… the less you like something usually means the more you should do it?  Well, I definitely dont “need” the crit race in my endurance training schedule, but I normally do love the intensity, the team work, the sprints!  All “usually” very cool, good times!  I really hope it was because I have the final bits of a head cold leaving my body from the past week.  The obnoxious amounts of snot rockets definitely proved I’m not making that up.  I got a few comments from the girls due to the unusual abundance.  Sorry ladies! It was a necessary evil. 

I dont know how often I’ll make it down there this summer, but I definitely hope it is more often than not.  This should be a really fun summer, even if they put me in the hurt locker every friggin week.  lol.  🙂


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