(from left: Chris Massetti, Jeff Wuerthele, Joanna Massetti, Casey Schlaegle, my paw)

“Epic” per Merriam-Webster:

2: extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.

per Urban Dictionary:

2: awesome, kickass or otherwise positive.

4: something so truly amazing that it deserves it’s story to be told for years to come.

7: a word, whose meaningful definition(s) and correct applications are now obscured and have been raped to death mostly by the 25 and under crowd. It has been overused as “the” catch phrase used to describe a situation, person, event, movie, taking a shit,etc. The abuse and birth as a catchphrase has its origins among avid gamers and pretentious English majors. 

per MJ:  I do not think I have ever used the word outside of a bike ride topic and consider it a full day ride, hours on end, miles and miles, amazingly good times that make you smile just thinking about it.  Another reason I have a passion for the endurance race this year.  I just love being out there.  All of life’s stresses, hussle and bussle forced to the sidelines of my life and anxiously awaiting on my return.. so why not stay out there as long as my body will let me?  That rules.

This past weekend I met up with the awesome people noted above and did just that.  We met at the Massetti cabin by Seven Springs.  Chris and Joanna are genuinely such nice people with 4-star hospitality.  I cant thank them enough for including me on this adventure.  We headed out around 10:30a Saturday morning, picking up Jeff along the way and then we just ride, ride and ride some more.  Enjoying the beautiful outdoors, good friends and sweet moments together.  That really does say it all for me, but here are a few comments / highlights before I go…

1.  Seven Springs and Lauren Mountains are so, so beautiful to me.  Just a day trip there feels like a vacation for me and I am refueled.

2.  Having a full suspension bike rocks my world in so many ways.

3.  I didnt think the truckers would even see us on the pedestrian bridge when walking over the turnpike but a few arm pumps and I had several trucks honking at us both times we crossed over.  So corny, yet so oddly entertaining. 

4.  I love how foods taste after hours of riding.  My peanut butter and honey pita tasted heavenly and I’m pretty sure I ate the best tangerine grown.. ever.

5.  We opted to short cut a (I was told a “collosal”) mountain of a climb on our way back, and hesitantly asked some home owners if we could cut across their property.  Not only did they happily agree, but I think Jeff made some friends out of the scenerio.

6.  We all finished better riders and friends than when we started.  🙂

Oh yeah… 7.  I found out my bro was at 7S on Saturday as well (thru facebook and not him directly, of course).  So once we were riding over the top of the slopes heading back I stopped to call him, he came out of the resort and we briefly pointed and laughed at each other from afar.  I think he attempted a most pathetic cart wheel and then did one of his heniously loud whistles that I heard through the phone and then heard up the mountain.. heh heh. Its funny from way far away.  You dont want to be anywhere near him when he does it.  We waved and continued on with our separate gigs.  We rule!  haha.


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